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Liner Notes | Gratitude

From where I stand, I hear beautiful music, and I’m humbled. To the artists who interpreted my original songs and musical vision with such power and beauty, words could never adequately express my gratitude… Tim Akers, Luke Sullivant, and Jacob Lowery, I’m in awe of your commitment to the creation of exceptional music even in its rawest form. To my Grammy Award winning producer Bryan Lenox… Your tireless effort to challenge my technical skill and develop my emotional delivery has stretched me beyond my highest expectations. You have galvanized my belief that this is in fact my calling. Thank you brother. To my first writing partner Amber Caparas… Your unique approach to melody and word choice has launched a beautiful collaboration, and I believe this album is living proof. Our musical ventures always leave me hungering for more, and more. As you’d always say, “Johnny, your inner artist is showing…” Thank you sis. To my manager Wayne C… your vision and dedication to my growth as an artist and a man, and your leadership of our team, have been invaluable… You truly are an honest and steadfast weapon in the hands of God. Thank you brother. To my father John, my cornerstone, my first and highest musical inspiration… your charismatic personality and tireless vitality fuel my days and spark my fire to make beautiful music… You and Grandma Bunny taught me to put my full heart and soul into making beauty of every second of every day. Thank you for your divine inspiration to push me to do great things with my life. To my ever-loving mother Cheryl for never letting me forget who I Am… to all of my brothers and sisters, my family and my friends… too many to fit on this page… thank you for always believing in me. I love you all. And special thanks to Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, and Nigel Lythgoe for speaking destiny into my life… for the whole world to witness. There is freedom in commitment, and I am committed to reaching that destiny. To all my supporters… this is merely the first step in a new direction and I can’t get there without you. Thank you for believing in me. Extra special thanks to Yamaha Artists and TobyMac for their hospitality, kindness, and Red Bull. And above all, thank you Lord for using all the people noted above… and for keeping me, saving me, and leading me. You are my Rock.” ~ Johnny Keyser

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